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What kind of surveys do you perform?

Whitecap provides both residential and commercial services. Please check out our Services Page to learn more about how we can help you with all of your requests.

I am selling my house and I think I need a survey. Who is supposed to request a survey?

will help fill this in.. 

Can you tell me how much it is to survey a .5 acre residential lot? 

That's a great question, and one we get frequently.


We'd love to be able to give you a quick answer, but really, like everything in our business, quotes are carefully considered, calculated, and personalized to each property to ensure we are able to provide an excellent level of services to each request. It is important to remember we consider things like tree coverage, topography, accessibility of records, and more when formulating the best value and services for your needs.

What is the turnaround time to get my survey? I am closing at the end of the month.

We recommend clients order surveys soon as soon as any decisions are made on selling, subdividing, or developing land. This helps to prevent any disappointments when it comes to closing. We work hard to accommodate our clients with above and beyond service. Typically, we operate on a 2-3 week turn around. However, due to circumstances like market, or other "Force Majeure"  events, we sometimes,  have to extend our deliverables timeline. 

Can you tell if my neighbor's driveway is on my property?

We can, and you probably could too, but if you need documentation of your property lines, we are the people for you! 

I have some commercial property and need some work done. Do you guys handle that kind of work? 

We do! We offer a number of commercial survey services. Please check out our Services Page to learn about our work. If you don't see what you're looking for, and need something more personalized to your project scope, please reach out to

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